Hot Spring

Esthetic Salon

Have a treatment of your choice from facials, foot massages, and body treatments, depending on your needs. Enjoy the blissful comfort at the Esthetic Salon.

Opening Hours   3:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.

Please reserve in advance at the front desk. In case of cancellacions, please inform the hotel at least 2 days prior to your reservation. Cancellation fees may apply.

Esthetic Salon

Esthetic Salon


Facial Treatment
All Skin Types
Basic skin care treatment. A nice introduction course for guests experiencing their first facial.
¥10,800 (60min.)
A treatment care which you can choose to your liking, depending on your type of skin.
¥12,960 (60min.)
For those who desire anti-aging and lift up effects. Your skin will be left soft and nourished.
¥17,280 (90min.)
Head Spa
Head Spa
Relieves the tension in your neck and head.
¥5,400 (30min.)
Long Head Spa
Add to the Head Spa to ease the stress from your eyes and arms, with an aromatic oil treatment on the hands, arms, neckline and shoulders.
¥8,640 (50min.)
Body Treatment
Full Body Treatment
Half Body Treatment

An oil treatment from the neck and below.
¥17,280 (70min.)
¥12,960 (50min.)
Foot Treatment
An oil treatment from the sole of the foot to the thighs. Effective for dull and swollen legs.
¥7,560 (50min.)
Short Back Treatment
A back massage treatment. Intensively relieves fatigue from the neck to the back.
¥6,480 (30min.)
Palace VIP
Facial 60 minutes + Full Body
¥24,840 (120min.)
Petit Gorgeous
Half Body + Facial 30 minutes
¥18,360 (80min.)
Basic Reflexology
Stimulation of reflex points on the bottom of the feet and below the knees. Revitalizes the whole body.
¥5,400 (30min.)
Relax Reflexology
Stimulates the smaller reflex points on the bottom of the feet than Basic Reflexology. Provides deep relaxation.
¥7,560 (50min.)
Head & Foot
Following an oil massage on the bottom of the feet and below the knees, a head massage will leave you feeling refreshed.
¥5,400 (30min.)
・Foot Reflexology
・Hand Reflexology
・Body extention
¥3,240 (20min.)
¥1,620 (10min.)
¥1,620 (10min.)
¥2,160 (10min.)

※The above rates include consumption tax.
※Foot baths are included in Foot Treatment and Reflexology treatments.
※Guests who have artificial pacemakers or are pregnant are recommended not to receive any of the above treatments.